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Studded Belt Pyramid

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Material: Vegetan Mycro 

Super durable quality studded belts. Made from a thick version of our Vegetan Micro-fibre. Pliable and leather-like and super tough this material has a smoother finish to our usual Micro material. Approx 3mm thick. Twin row of silver-finish metal pyramid studs. Sturdy nickel roller buckle is secured with a press stud so you can easily change for your own favourite buckle! Approx 1.5 inches wide (3.8 cm). Sizing is slightly different to our other belt styles. Measured approx to the middle hole the studded belts are:

Small (S) 30 inches

Medium (M) 35.5 inches

Large (L) 39.5 inches

These will fit a few inches either side. Eg our Size M is approx 35.5 inches to the middle hole from the buckle, so will fit waists 32 to 38 inches.

Also remember to measure where you will wear the belt! Eg, around your belt loops if it’s for trousers.

Made in England

Studded Belt Pyramid
Studded Belt Pyramid