Sizing Information - Truth Belts


If you are ordering a belt with holes, please note that these belts all have 6 holes in them that are 1” apart. Here is what you need to know to choose the correct size.
1. Do not go by your pant size. Take the time to measure an existing belt that you wear. Measure from the inside edge of the buckle to the hole you use as shown below.
2. If you do not have an existing belt, measure around the top of your pants where the belt loops are and be sure to tighten the tape measure as tight as you would like your belt to be.
3. Find your measurement below. If your measurement works on 2 different belt sizes, you must decide whether you want more or less of a tail at the end. That is a personal choice.
For example, let’s say your measurement came to 37”.  Based on the images below, you could wear a 34” belt or a 36” belt. The 36” belt would have more of a tail (or excess of strap left over). Some people like this while others do not. Our recommendation is to go for the bigger size.
Please allow 3/8” for error due to improper measuring or due to the belt holes not punched in the exact place for each belt (Truth belts are handmade and humans can make errors).
Find Your Perfect Belt Size



It is recommended to measure around the top of your pants where the belt loops are with a tape measure. From there you can find your measurement in the chart below.

If you don’t have a tape measure, you can go by your pant size. Going by your pants size is OK for the elastic belts because they are so stretchy and adjustable. Pants sizes shown below are for women’s pants. Men, you will have to use inches.

SMALL Pant Size 6 and under 29″ and smaller (this will adjust down to 22″)
MEDIUM Size 7 – 10 30″ to 34″
LARGE Size 11 – 14 35″ to 39″
X-LARGE Size 15 – 18 40″ to 44″
2X-LARGE Size 19 – 22 45″ to 55″


Because the elastic belts are so stretchy, they are an easy fit. When in doubt choose one size up because not only are these belts stretchy, they are also adjustable. You can always make them smaller. And, it’s nice when the adjuster is at the side of your body instead of near the buckle.