Sparrow - The Grinning Goat


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Hi! Looking for long lasting belt that looks amazing? You just hit the jackpot! I am the Sparrow virtually indestructible belt. You may have heard about my brother, my cousin, the Slug, or the newest member of our family, the Stegosaurus. I am of the same family, only thinner. I am 32mm wide and I come in black and brown. I have 6 holes that are 1″ (25mm) apart.

Why am I so durable? Well… my insides are made from heavy grade polyester webbing. Then, a coat of thick vinyl is wrapped around me making my strap really durable, yet flexible. This combination of polyester/vinyl fusion is used for space and military organizations. So holding up your pants will be a piece of cake! I come with a 4-year guarantee. I really am the one of the most durable vegan belts you have every come across! Mennonites use my strap material for their horse’s reins and harnesses. I will outlast any leather belt. 

If the Slug or Stegosaurus belts are too wide for some of your belt loops, you will like me because I am thinner. My buckle has a satin silver finish on the front and shiny silver finish on the sides. My back side has the word “SPARROW” embossed onto it. Also, my favourite saying is stamped on the back, which is “genuine non-leather”. I am made in Canada out of 100% animal friendly materials.