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Carmen - Red

Carmen - Red

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Our best selling winter footwear brand now brings us spring and summer footwear with the same ultra comfortable cushioned heel! 

The Carmen is a 3 strap birkenstock style sandal with 1 fixed strap over the toes and 2 straps featuring faux buckles over velcro making these sandals adjustable to fit your foot exactly the way you need. Natural cork surrounds the sandals outsole. The footbed is microfiber and super comfy with the cushioned and supportive heel that Relife is known for.  

Relife shoes support your body's natural movements when walking. The unique shock absorbing system relieves and relaxes your spine while reducing fatigue in your feet and legs. The natural soft insoles will feel like you are walking on air.

100% Vegan.  Shock absorbing, feel good shoes! 

Sizing Advice:

We found the Carmen sandal to run up to a size large. We recommend sizing down if you are between sizes. If you have purchased Relife winter boots, we find that these fit best going one size down from the winter styles. Eg. If you wear a 39 in the winter styles, a 38 is likely the best fit for you in the spring summer styles. 

Please keep in mind, these are our best attempt to help with sizing. We cannot guarantee this will apply to you as everyone has different foot sizes, shapes, and preferences on how they like their shoes to fit.

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