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Tongue Cleaner

Tongue Cleaner

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Level up your oral care routine!

Fight bacteria, bad breath, and icky morning tastes with the Tongue Cleaner! Keep your smile bright and your breath fresh with this easy-to-use, discreet tool. (It's the perfect way to start your new hygiene routine!)

For the person who loooooves their smile, teeth, and routine. 

Tongue scraping benefits: removes bacteria, removes bad breath, increases sense of taste, improves gut and overall health.

BPA Free

To Use:

  • Stick out your tongue
  • Start the scraper at the very back of the tongue
  • Run the scraper all the way to the front 2 or 3 times
  • Use light pressure
  • Rinse the scraper under warm water between scrapes
  • Swish your mouth out with water afterward
  • Rinse the scraper off once you’re done

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