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NAE Vegan Shoes

Shoe Waterproofing Spray

Shoe Waterproofing Spray

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Vegan Shoe Waterproofing Spray provides eco-friendly shoe care with long-term defence against dirt and moisture, while maintaining breathability.

  • The PFC-free and water-based spray focuses on sustainability and environmental compatibility and increases the life of your shoes. It has a very high abrasion resistance and UV protection.
  • For best results, your shoe must be cleaned before waterproofing. Shake spray bottle well. Spray evenly from a distance of approx. 20 cm. If necessary, spread with a sponge or soft cloth and allow to dry.
  • If necessary, the application can be repeated.

Made in Germany with Environmentally Friendly materials in a fair work environment. Packed in Recycled Plastic Bottle

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