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Grinning Goat believes sustainability is a fashion statement. We are a vegan boutique in Canada where you can buy vegan footwear and other vegan products. We are obsessed with offering you footwear from forward-thinking designers. Ones with an obsession for comfort, sustainability, and affordable pricing. At Grinning Goat, you will never have to sacrifice style for sustainability. 

Our goal is to make it easier for you to make a positive choice. Grinning Goat carries top vegan shoe designer brands for men, women, and children. We offer everything from designer dress shoes to industrial work boots. Our styles range from traditional to edgy. 


We invite you to check out our awesome shoes today!

A Shoes Circle of Life

Every shoe has a circle of life. Unfortunately, most shoes end their circle in a landfill. Making vegan shoes is about more than using vegan and recycled materials. The goal is to make sure that every pair of vegan shoes is also recyclable at the end of its lifecycle. The goal is a closed-loop system. One where all shoes become recycled into something new when you’re done wearing them. 

Some vegan shoe designers are striving to be part of the solution now. For example, both Native Shoes and Will’s Vegan Shoes take their shoes back when you’re done wearing them. Native Shoes recycles their used shoes for use in community projects. Will’s Vegan Shoes recycles their old shoes into new shoes. So, when you choose to buy vegan shoes, you literally leave footprints for a better world.

It’s our hope that all shoe designers will lean into using vegan and sustainable materials. Also, we hope they’ll pledge to recycle their shoes at the end of their lifecycles. 


Sustainable Vegan Materials


There are excellent sustainable vegan materials! Food waste tops the list as the most exciting material being used today. For example, apple skins are used to make vegan leather. Many other food industry waste-products headed for landfills can also make vegan fashion. One example is vegan silk made from a soybean waste by-product. 

vegan leather


Using sustainable plants such as organic bamboo, hemp, and flax produces high-quality shoes! Wood pulp and wood fiber are also biodegradable and sustainable materials used in shoes. Wood fiber makes excellent vegan leather!


Ask More From Your Shoes! 


At Grinning Goat, we believe you should ask more from your shoes. You deserve shoes that are stylish, comfortable, affordable, sustainable, and recyclable! The world deserves this. Animals do too! 

We should all say no to cruel shoes! We should say no to shoes that are cruel to animals, cruel to the planet, and cruel to our feet. We should all say no to shoes that waste resources and cost more because of it.  


We invite you to check out our awesome non-cruel shoes today!


Our Vegan Shoe Designers


Grinning Goat offers vegan footwear from designers that create 100 percent vegan fashion. A few designers we carry are leaning into vegan footwear. We hope that they will see no need to use animal products someday and that all shoemakers will transition 100 percent to vegan offerings that are recyclable.


Check out these innovative vegan designers today!


BC Footwear offers Los Angeles street-style and Peta-certified vegan boots, heels, and mules. Founded in 2002, they are obsessed with super comfortable shoes.  

BC Footwear

Blowfish Malibu designs on-trend and comfortable vegan sandals and sneakers. They were founded in California in 2009. Blowfish Malibu’s commitment is to create beachy shoes that are sustainable, affordable, and stylish.

Blowfish Malibu Brand


Ethletic sells Peta-approved vegan sneakers. They were founded in Pakistan in 1999. For every sneaker sold, Ethletic donates one dollar to a fair-trade organization. This organization supports workers’ welfare.

  Ethletic Brand

Etnies is a skateboarding, biking, and snowboarding lifestyle brand. Though they are not a 100 percent vegan company, they offer vegan shoes. In addition, they plant a tree for every pair of shoes they sell. 

 Etnies Product 2022

Good Guys Don’t Wear leather makes Peta-approved vegan boots and sneakers. They use award-winning apple leather and hand-make their shoes in Italy. They were founded in Paris in 2011.

  Good Guys Don’t Wear 2022

Kamik makes vegan boots, sneakers, and slippers. They have been family-owned and operated in Canada for over 120 years. Their rainboots are 100 percent recyclable.

  Kamik 2022

King 55 is a vegan brand founded in 2001 in São Paulo, Brazil. They design cool unisex sneakers.

  King 55 2022 Products

Matt & Nat offers vegan dress shoes and sneakers. Founded in Montreal, Canada, in 1995, they recycle over nine million plastic bottles into their vegan fashion. 

  King 55 2022

Merrell offers vegan-friendly sneakers and boots. They were founded in 1981 as an American hiking boot company. We are glad to see them leaning into vegan footwear.

  merrell 2022

Minuit Sur Terre offers Peta-approved vegan shoes, clothing, and accessories. They were founded in 2017 and make their shoes in Portugal with fine vegan materials.

  Minuit Sur Terre 2022

NAE Vegan Shoes makes Peta-approved footwear for men and women. Founded in 2008, they make their high-quality shoes in Portugal. NAE stands for No Animal Exploitation.

  NAE Vegan Shoes

Native Shoes offers vegan shoes for men, women, and children. By 2023, they’re committed to recycling every pair of their used shoes. They use their recycled shoes in community projects.

  Native Shoes - 2022

Pegada Footwear sells vegan shoes for men. They were founded in Brazil in 1989. Pagada specializes in comfort technology. 

  Pegada Footwear 2022 Prducts update

Pretty You London designs luxury vegan slippers and nightwear. They were founded in 2014. Pretty You London is all about self-care and making you feel special. They use the best quality faux furs in their slippers. 

Pretty You London - 2022

Relife offers vegan boots and sneakers. Founded in the 1980s, they have been a member of the Vegan Society since 2018. They specialize in shoes that feel like you are walking on a cloud.

Relife - 2022

Sofie Bly began her award-winning vegan shoe company in 2011. Her dream was to make compostable stilettos. Bly transitioned into teaching sustainability in 2019. 

  Sofie Bly

STC makes industrial footwear for construction workers, firemen, and workers in other industries. Founded in Canada in 1989, they offer some vegan shoe options.

  STC Products 2022

Susi Studio makes red carpet-worthy vegan shoes. It is a woman-owned business based in Los Angeles, California. Music and films inspire their designs.

  Susi Studio 2022

Vegetarian Shoes offers vegan shoes for men and women. The founder began making one vegan shoe style by hand in 1990. Today, Vegetarian Shoes makes their vegan shoes in European and English factories. One UK factory was established in 1881.

  Vegetarian Shoes 2022

Will’s Vegan Shoes sells shoes and accessories for men and women. Launched in 2013, they became certified carbon neutral in 2016. Will’s Vegan Shoes introduced a fully biodegradable sneaker in 2020.

  Will’s Vegan Shoes 2022

Men’s Dress Shoes | Our Picks


Men’s Dress Shoeology


The modern men’s dress shoe has been around for hundreds of years. The most important style is the classic closed lace-up Oxford. This European dress shoe originated in the 1600s as a half-boot with side slits. The Oxford didn’t become popular until the 1800s at Oxford University in the UK - thus the moniker. Before the Oxford shoe, students wore high boots. During the Roaring Twenties, this men’s shoe style was the “it” shoe. Women also had their own high-heeled variant of the Oxford. The Saddle Shoes worn by boys and girls in the 1940s and 1950s was a version of the Oxford. Today, Oxfords are hipper than ever! 


Besides saddle shoes, there are four other main types of Oxfords:


  • Plain-toe Oxfords are the classic and more formal Oxford style. They have minimal detail and no toe cap. These are the Oxfords you grab when wearing a tux

  • Cap-toe Oxfords are perfect for work or chic casual clothing. The cap-toe refers to a piece of material stitched over the toe. 

  • Wingtip Oxfords are less formal than plain-toe or cap-toe Oxfords. Instead, they have decorative perforations along the side of the shoe. 

  • Whole-cut Oxfords are suitable for both formal and casual attire. They’re made from one whole piece of material with minimal added design. 


Another classic is a cousin of the Oxford called the Derby. The Derby is a bit more casual than the Oxford with its open lacing. This change made for a roomier instep. The original Derby design replaced uncomfortable military boots of the 1800s. The Derby was much easier than the old-fashioned military boots to put on and take off. There have been many incarnations of both the Oxford and the Derby, but they mostly stay true to their roots.


The modern slide-on Loafer as we know it today was inspired by a shoe worn by Norwegian fishermen. Europeans took note and then made their own version in the 1840s as a more casual men’s shoe. It was initially designed for the King of England. Likely, the Loafer was influenced initially by the much more ancient Moccasin. 

 Our Men’s Dress Shoe Picks

The Monk is halfway between an Oxford and a Loafer. It’s a slide-on shoe like a loafer but has a tongue like an Oxford. Instead of laces, it has either one or two buckles. It can sometimes have three. One buckle is more formal, but two buckles are the most popular style. Its namesake is due to it initially being designed for European monks. The Monk was a more comfortable and protective closed-toed alternative to open-toed sandals. The buckle detail on the shoes came from the design of the sandals the monks wore. Though this shoe’s history goes back to the Middle Ages, it’s considered a more modern style than the Oxford or Derby. The more modern version we know today, with one or two buckles, evolved over the last century. The two-strap Monk is very popular today. 


We invite you to check out our beautiful men’s dress shoes today!


Our Men’s Dress Shoe Picks


The Sleek Slim Sole Oxford Dress Shoe by Will’s Vegan Shoes is a simple reboot of the classic Plain-toe Oxford. Initially designed in the 1800s, it was made to replace the uncomfortable military boots of the day. The closed lace-up shoe is made with plant leather and is water-resistant. The sleek heel is dark wood. The toe shape is squared, and the cushioning is made of recycled rubber. This dress shoe is certified carbon neutral. It comes in chestnut or black. The modern Oxford shoe has seen many evolutions. But the same basic style has remained a classic for over 100 years. These are the shoes you want for formal attire.


The Classic City Monk Dress Shoe by Will’s Vegan Shoes is a reboot of a classic dressy shoe from the 1800s. Its origin goes back even further to the Middle Ages, when monks first wore it. This shoe has a double-strap metal buckle. It was made with Italian vegan leather. The vegan leather was made of plants using bio-oil sourced from organic North European cereal crops. The cushioning was made with recycled rubber. These dress shoes are breathable and water-resistant. In addition, this shoe is certified carbon-neutral. Will’s footwear will recycle these shoes once you’re done with them. They were made in Portugal. These are the shoes you want for everyday happenings.


Women’s Dress Shoeology


Women have an equally varied history of footwear styles. Until the 1600s, footwear for women was pretty mundane. The main reason was that shoes went mostly unseen under the long dresses and skirts women wore. Sandals are the oldest shoe design for women, dating back to ancient times. Though, men were more stylish in ancient times than women. Especially when it came to sandals. Men wore high heels first, too. It was a sign of status. In fact, heels were considered very masculine for quite some time. 


High-heeled sandals for women are a 20th-century invention. It was thought immodest for women to show their feet in public for a long time. Because of this, men had most of the fun with foot fashion until the twentieth century. Women have definitely had to cover a lot of ground to make up for lost time and fashion in the last century!


The stiletto heel sandals of the 1950s and the block-heel sandals of the 1960s are both in fashion. But for comfort’s sake, the block-heel is definitely getting a bit more attention as women demand more comfortable fashion!


We invite you to check out our classy women’s high heel sandals today!


Our Women’s Dressy Shoe Picks


This Elegant Elysa High Heel Sandal is made by Canadian company Matt & Nat. Matt and Nat stand for Material and Nature. This comfortable and stylish shoe is made of faux suede. The mid-height block heel makes for a comfortable shoe. The vintage-looking buckle ankle strap is adjustable for a perfect fit. This shoe has a bit of a 1960s heel meets a 1970 sandal. This shoe goes perfect with dresses or jeans. It’s also ideal for spring through fall, depending on your climate. It comes in black or sand.

  Elegant Elysa High Heel Sandal

The Zestful Zorag High Heeled Sandal is a work of art! It’s a playful shoe that will make any ensemble more joyful. This elegant sandal is perfect for spring and summer dresses. Though, it looks pretty spectacular with jeans and slacks too. This design was a collaboration between designer Sophie Bly and a Swedish artist named Josefin Liljegvist. The block-heel gives you height while still being comfortable. It’s made from recycled polyester and plant leather. This shoe was made in Spain. Unfortunately, Bly no longer makes shoes, so once this style is gone, it’s gone. 


Canadian Vegan Influencer


Angela Liddon has an award-winning vegan blog called Oh She Glows. Her blog shares everyday recipes with more than 500,000 followers. She began her blog in 2008 to share her struggles with food. She has inspired many people with her story and dedication to a vegan lifestyle. Angela lives in Oakville, Ontario.


Boots | Our Picks


Boot Shoeology


The oldest known image of a boot is in a cave painting in Spain. Throughout history, boots have adapted to the wearer and the culture. Even so, boots have remained relatively consistent. The first boot was designed to protect the wearer from the elements. Jump forward to the early 1800s, and a lace-up ankle boot worn by laborers became the impetus for combat boots and high-top sneakers. Women wore masculine boots for riding in the 1700s. By the end of that century, boots became more girly with pointed toes and lace. Finally, during the Victorian period, lady’s boots were trendy. 


The early 1900s saw lady’s boots go back to a more practical use versus fashion. Dr. Marten’s boot of the 1940s was originally an orthopedic shoe. In the 1970s and 1980s, they were the “cool” shoe. Cowboy boots and platform boots were also a thing in the 1970s. The decade before, in the 1960s, knee-high Go-Go boots were the “it” shoe in the counter-culture. 

Please check out our boots at Grinning Goat!


Our Boot Picks


The Airseal Troopa Zip Boot by Vegetarian Shoes has a lace-up look without the hassle. An inside zipper makes it easy to get in and out of these boots inspired by the classic Dr. Martens. The tread is extra thick and provides stellar shock absorption. They have been stitched and heat-welded for durability. They will require a bit of breaking in because of this. It’s made of the highest-quality vegetan micro, making it water-resistant and breathable. This boot has steel toes to make them extra tough. This boot is handcrafted in the UK’s oldest shoe factory. This boot ages beautifully.

  Airseal Troopa Zip Boot

The Cool Camille 2.0 Ankle Boots are a stylish vegan boot made by Relife. There is an inside zipper, so no lacing is required. They are super comfortable. The insole absorbs shock and relaxes your spine, which reduces fatigue in the feet and legs. They really feel like you are walking on air. The shoe’s sole grips the ground for stability. These are feel-good shoes! 


These Rebeka 2.0 Tall Boots are relaxed wear vegan boots made by Relife. They are super comfortable with a soft microfiber lining and shock-absorbing insole. These shoes really feel good! These ride-style-inspired boots will go great with dresses or jeans. They work for any time of the year when you want to wear really comfortable shoes. There is an inside zipper and a comfortable block heel. The decorative buckle is a nice touch!


Canadian Animal Rights Lawyer


Anna Pippus is an animal rights lawyer that focuses on animals farmed for food. She regularly mobilizes people to take action on behalf of animals. She serves as director of farmed animal advocacy for Animal Justice. She is a vegan who believes you gain much more than you give up when you stop participating in animal agriculture. She lives in Vancouver. 


Sports Shoes | Our Picks


Sport Shoe Shoeology


Sports shoes have been the most innovative footwear of the last century. Everyone wears them: schoolchildren to actresses walking the red carpet. Well, the actresses that want to be comfortable anyway. An early running shoe dates back to the mid-1800s. Unfortunately, it probably wasn’t nearly as comfortable as the sports shoes we have today. The precursor to modern sports shoes had spikes on the soles. These shoes looked more like dress shoes than sneakers.


Our Sports Shoe Picks

 Jazzy Jefferson 2.0 High Top Sneaker

The Jazzy Jefferson 2.0 High Top Sneaker is a unisex slip-on high-top sneaker. This iconic silhouette was trendy in the 1940s. It was inspired by canvas basketball high tops of the late-1800s. This initial basketball shoe was inspired by a work lace-up boot from the early 1800s. High tops of the 1980s were very popular. Native Shoes took the iconic high top and transformed not only the way it’s made but the way you wear it. This foot-forming shoe slides on and off easily. No need to lace up! This shoe holds its shape with a breathable stretch knit. The outsole is ultra-cushioned to absorb shock. These shoes are super comfortable and stylish.


To say the Billie Sports Shoe is a fashion statement is an understatement! These shoes will get noticed walking into any room guaranteed. The color-blocked shoes are embellished with origami-stud hearts. It’s a hybrid of a 1980s look meets a 1990s look with a twist. The color blocking is much more sophisticated than the color blocking of the 1980s. The elastic details make sure the shoe fits perfectly and with extra comfort. The shoe is made of organic cotton and plant leather. This shoe was made in Portugal by the designer Sophie Bly. Unfortunately, she no longer makes shoes, so once this style is gone, it’s gone. 


The Re-bottle Unisex Sports Shoe is made by NAE Vegan Shoes. This fantabulous shoe has style for days. There is a hint of the wingtip shoe of the 1910s in these sports shoes. This shoe is as comfortable as it looks. This shoe will dress up or down any look you put with it. It’s made with recycled plastic bottles and other sustainable vegan materials. This shoe was produced in Portugal. It comes in blue or orange. 


Cheap Lazy Canadian Vegan 


Rose started her own online vegan cooking channel in 2015 for “broke people who don’t know what they’re doing.” Originally born in South Korea, she is based in Canada now. She started off just wanting to share her journey. It’s grown to be a helpful place for those wishing to dip their toe into veganism. You can get some practical ideas about how to be a frugal vegan. Rose wants to leave her mark by showing people it’s easy to become a vegan.


Vegan Fashion Is a Win-Win


Buying vegan fashion saves you money, the lives of animals, and the planet! It simply costs less on all fronts. It’s a better choice for the earth and humanity. How can we justify the torture and death of animals to make shoes when it’s unnecessary? To keep doing this when we know better and can do better is insanity. The circle of life of an animal product is ugly. And there is no need. There are too many natural fibers and recycled materials available today. The end game is to make environmentally friendly and ethically sourced fashion.


Instead of animal hides, natural materials like apples, bananas, and pineapples are used. Man-made materials are also an option. As are recycling materials that would otherwise end up in landfills. Plastic bottles, tires, and food waste are all used to make vegan shoes. As a result, they are less expensive, better for the environment, kinder to animals, and perform better. In addition, faux leather can withstand things that animal leather can’t. Faux leather is waterproof for starters and won’t scratch as animal leather will. 


The Dark Underbelly of Animal Fashion


So many animals are killed for fashion. Most of that animal fashion is eventually thrown away into a landfill. Most of it can be recycled, but it’s not a priority for enough consumers. It’s often tossed into the trash and replaced quickly. Replaced with something else that will end up in a landfill someday. This equates to billions of tons of materials annually that could have been recycled. It’s a vicious circle that never ends and worsens every year. 


What you choose to wear is how you vote for the world to be. Buying a pair of shoes made of pineapples is a different vote than one where you choose boots made of an animal’s hide. 


Shoe leather comes from the hides of cows, pigs, goats, sheep, ostriches, kangaroos, dogs, cats, snakes, and alligators. Leather is also made from calves taken to slaughter from their mother’s womb. They are considered a waste product of cow’s milk.


Sheep’s wool is part of a brutal process where they are often injured. Eventually, all sheep are slaughtered for their flesh. Some baby sheep are shorn once and then slaughtered. Newborn lambs are sometimes killed right after they are born. All in the name of much sought-after Persian wool. Goats are shorn during winter for cashmere. Many of them freeze to death afterward. 


Angora goats are shorn for Mohair. This is one of the most expensive fabrics. Because of its desirability, goats are often injured when clipped. It's extremely brutal for the goats. Angora rabbits have their fur plucked from their skin. This is very painful to them. Eventually, they are slaughtered for their hides.


Silkworms are boiled alive to make silk. Billions of them are killed every year. Ducks and geese have their feathers plucked from them, often when they are alive.


A Conscious Choice


Grinning Goat lives by the belief that animals are our friends and don’t belong in fashion. All items we carry are 100 percent animal-free. In addition, we donate one percent of every purchase to a local animal sanctuary. This sanctuary helps rescue farm animals. Every purchase of a vegan product is a tiny act that helps make the world a better place. 


It is possible to love fashion, Mother Earth, and animals without sacrificing any one of them for the other. Vegan shoes are a great place to start if you’re leaning into being a vegan. Together, we can create a better world. Kindness is a choice. One that we can make moment by moment, tiny step by tiny step. Millions of us taking these small steps have more impact than a few of us taking giant steps. 


Together, we can create a better world. One where we can see goats and cows and sheep as more than objects who are so easily sacrificed in the name of fashion. 

We’re here to create a healthier and happier world for all of us. Each time you choose a vegan product over a product made with animals, you choose that. You can live a stylish life without taking part in inhuman acts toward others. We have a cruelty-free mission. By eliminating animal-derived materials in what we wear and eat, we can exercise mindfulness. If we all try to make one positive choice every day, we can change the world.

We invite you to pick out a vegan pair of shoes today!

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