Zinacantan Sneaker - Black

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Sporty yet beautiful, this style by ONI showcases the intricate floral designs of artisans in the community of Zinacantán in the southern Mexican state of Chiapas. Each pair is individually embroidered, so no two pairs are exactly alike.

Recycled PET textile is used in the inner lining between the exterior fabric to support the structure of the sneaker. Each pair uses about 3 to 4 recycled water bottles.

These sneakers are comfortable and lightweight, so you can enjoy wearing all day.

Upper: Synthetic & natural fibers
Upper inner lining: Post-consumer PET plastic
Sole: Synthetic materials

Made in Mexico

"ONI is a beautiful project. I don't consider it mine, I consider it to be of all those who want to get involved, from sharing a post, buy our products or get directly involved in [environmental/social] activities we embark upon. We seek to become a community with awareness and burning desire for change."
​-Sara Sacal

​Motivated to create more planet-friendly footwear options, ONI’s Mexican founder Sara Sacal saw an opportunity to incorporate recycled PET fibres into shoes while studying business in university.  Each of her classic sneaker designs incorporates PET material as an interior lining between the outer textiles that supports the structure of the shoe.  One pair of ONI sneakers uses between 3-4 recycled PET plastic bottles, depending on the size of the shoes. 

Sara finds style inspiration in her native Mexico’s rich traditions of textile embroidery.  Working with artisans from around the country, she’s created a collection reflective of the diversity of design traditions across Mexico.  At the same time, she’s providing opportunities for the women who create these beautiful designs to find a fair-trade market for their skills. 

ONI contributes a portion of profits to social and environmental causes.  For example, ONI created a special shoe to raise funds in the aftermath of the Mexico City earthquake of September 2017. 

Zinacantan Sneaker - Black
Zinacantan Sneaker - Black
Zinacantan Sneaker - Black
Zinacantan Sneaker - Black