Unisex Stay Wild Triblend Tee - Charcoal Grey

Tantamount Apparel

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Inspired by the west coast. 

Made of high-quality, super soft, comfortable 50% polyester, 25% cotton, 25% rayon. Ethically sourced, fair-trade, printed in Canada.

For every product sold, one pound of organic fruits and vegetables is donated to those who are experiencing homelessness in Vancouver. 

Tantamount Apparel is built around a cycle of equality. Their shirts are sustainably sourced from incredibly soft, eco-friendly fabric in Bali, Indonesia. They employ sweatshop-free, fair-wage labour to local Balinese women. 

Tantamount Apparel doesn't stop there. As 'tantamount' means equality, they deliver organic, fresh, and healthy fruits and vegetables to people who are currently experiencing homelessness in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Tantamount believes we hold responsibility for one another, and that all species - both animals and humans - are tantamount to each other.