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no-FUR Patch

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Challenge people wearing Canada Goose (that you meet on the street; stand in line with at the store; sit across from on the bus; etc.) by proudly and prominently wearing a no-FUR patch.

With increasingly realistic faux, many people don’t know that Canada Goose uses real fur. They assume it’s faux. Even some CG wearers don’t know the trim on their jackets is real fur (or so they say). This no-FUR design directly targets Canada Goose and leaves no doubt (if there was any) with anyone you meet.

Wearing a no-FUR patch helps spread awareness, create discomfort, and spark conversations about this industry-leading exploiter of coyotes and geese. It also gets positive feedback from people who, like you, care about all nonhuman animals.

Patch measures 6.4cm across. Sew on. 

no-FUR Patch
no-FUR Patch