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FAZL Socks - Jigyaasu (Curious)

FAZL Socks - Jigyaasu (Curious)

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Straight out of the curiosity cannon, you could call them a Show Sock Stoppers. Oh yes! These socks will keep you forever young (and that’s without putting ameobas on your wrinkles!) What’s the secret of youth anyway? Staying wonder-filled and curious about the world. Seriously, how many chocolates can you have in your mouth at once? How far can you shove that marble up your nose? It’s true, youth is wasted on the young. Get out the chocolate, get a marble – We’re curious. 

Handmade in the Himalayas from a unique blend of Acrylic and Nylon.

Sizing Information

(In between sizes? Round down a size as the socks will stretch.)

 XS  (8” from toe to heel) – Men’s and Women’s Size 5.5+

 S    (9” from toe to heel) – Men’s 7+, Women’s 8+

 M  (10” from toe to heel) – Men’s 9+, Women’s 9.5+

 L    (11” from toe to heel) – Men’s 11+, Women’s 12+

Note: These socks are hand-made by real people. For this reason, each pair may include subtle variations in colour and pattern details from those seen in the photos. The overall colour scheme and design will remain very similar.

Don't forget! 50% of net profits goes to orphaned and destitute children AND local ladies get fair wages!
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